Contact Us

If you have a comment, question, or bad joke please let us hear it.

If you are interested in joining us on an upcoming trip, we want to hear from you. Some quick ground rules first though.

We are looking for someone who conduct themselves and others with respect and dignity (ok, maybe at least respect). We want to return to these places so it’s important for us to act appropriately.

Our searches are serious and fun. We hope you have a similar mindset. Your time is valuable and we respect that.

We completely respect your privacy. We will never send you nonsense through your email. Accordingly, our clients expect us to maintain their privacy.

Feel free to think whatever you want. If you are a true believer or the worlds biggest skeptic you are welcomed. We will share our findings with and we will in no way, shape or form try and steer you in one direction or another. We do expect all members to respect others viewpoints as well.

Don’t be crazy. Do we need to explain this? If you are mental unstable, please disclose this from the start. If you sole intention is to explore the paranormal, welcome aboard. If not, please dont join our group.

We are going to ask you to help. No matter what your special talent is, we have a place for you. Everything from maintaining the website, site research, contact relations to hauling gear needs to be accomplished. We will ask you to share your special talent.

We will meet from time to time to discuss upcoming events, etc.

We have met many great people in our journey. We may “team up” with a team from time to time with another group. We welcome any and all input, advice or greetings from other groups. Except from those liars over at “Cleveland ghost crashers” (this is a joke).